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Project Management Systems, PDMS, established in 1987, is a professional engineering consulting firm working with the mission to provide engineering services in several specific market segments including Industrial & Manufacturing, Corporate Owned Facilities, Government, Educational, Hospitality, HealthCare and Development Services.

PDMS’s primary objective is to deliver solutions to clients through its professional consultants in various areas of expertise. PDMS has two main areas of expertise: design of reinforced concrete structures, steel structures and pre-stressed concrete structures. The second area of expertise is seismic design, repair and expansions of existing structures. Nevertheless these activities were extended to include turnkey projects implementation with full project management.

PDMS offers complete design services, including Facility Programming, Master Planning, Structural Design, Architectural Design, Interior Design and Electromechanical design, all utilizing computer aided design software. Its current staff of engineers bring to every project their creative talents, skills and wealth of experience.

Dr. Assaad Ibrahim Salama, founder and director of PDMS, started operations with few employees. The firm now proudly has over 40 employees including 25 structural engineers and over 10 architects. Moreover, during the past years, the company has expanded its projects’ geographical scope nationally. It is operating in many places in Egypt: Sinai, Alexandria, Upper Egypt, in addition to the Greater Cairo and its surrounding cities. Currently, it is seeking international opportunities outside egypt as well.

During its years of experience, and especially since 1987, PDMS, has implemented over 985,100 m2 area built. Works done in these constructions varied greatly. It included full project management and consultancy, structural design, architectural design, electrical and mechanical design, repair and others.